We are a partner for digital era

Our company’s name may be new to you. But we have been active on the Czech market since 2005. We started out with five people, but there are currently more than 200 of us. Dimension Data was established in South Africa and has existed for more than 30 years now.

There are more than thirty thousand of us the world over and we are one of the largest creators of technological solutions in the world. We really are masters of our craft. Our partnership with the Tour de France, which we are the official technology partner of, is testament to this.

Our slogan is “accelerate your ambition”. This means that we even help the largest international companies to do business and, simply put, to communicate; to function in such a way that technology becomes a useful helper for our customers and not, on the contrary, an obstacle to development of the business.

Our speciality is information and communication infrastructures – networks, data centres, cyber security and tools for teamwork. We provide ambitious concepts for the DIGITAL WORKPLACE, apply the INTERNET OF THINGS in practice and create completely new USER EXPERIENCES.

We respect six basic values which we project into everything we do. These are “teamwork”, “clients”, “integrity”, “professional perfection”, “innovation” and “respect & diversity”. We are however able to put things into perspective and we also know how to have fun.

We are building a European Managed Service Centre based in Prague. Become part of a group of multi-cultural people that work closely together, that share skills, that collaborate, that encourage each other, and grow together. Click here to find out more.