Jakub Krejcar

Technical Solution Specialist

I get to learn a lot of new things

Before starting work at Dimension Data, I gained work experience in another IT company. But it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I was really bound by the rules and I didn’t feel I had any further prospects there. When Dimension Data contacted me and I met my future boss, it all made a really good impression on me.

There are three things which are most important for me at work – working with laid-back people, having a healthy amount of freedom and possibilities for professional growth. And DD offers all of these things. We are also all on first-name terms which creates a great working environment and helps to combat the stress which we sometimes feel.

I find myself working at the customer’s premises more and more, these in particular being large companies. My aim is to understand how their business works and that involves a great deal of learning. On the other hand, I have access to the latest technologies and the great range of know-how which our team accumulates.

My work is a little like a strategy game. The situation is always changing and I have to adapt and choose the best way forward. Exaggerating slightly, I basically don’t know what I will be doing next week or where I will be doing it.

And for the time being? I am pushing up the levels pretty successfully so far.

I enjoy the people and the atmosphere

I first started working in Dimension Data as a receptionist – the classic story of part-time work while I was at university. But after about a year, I got an offer to take part in the process of finding a new financial analyst for the Controlling team. I studied at the University of Economics in Prague and I was even looking to gain some work experience, but I didn’t think I had much of a chance. But I got the job in the end!

I have always enjoyed working with figures – mathematics, physics, economics. And what I am doing today is just about ideal from that point of view. Via controlling, I am able to understand the functioning of the whole company. And the work is also varied. I have to get to grips with some new challenge or another almost every day and I really enjoy that.

But other than the figures, it is the people who make a company. And the people in DD are the best. We are a really friendly company. Whenever I go to someone with a request, I can be sure they will help me. Every time. And I also see that whenever any trouble-maker starts working with us – even a real expert – they don’t last long here. The atmosphere is a friendly one and simply put, the support you get in DD is really great.

Kamila Vondráčková

Junior Financial Analyst

Martin Cihlář

Support Engineer

I am honing my expertise

While studying at the Czech Technical University in Prague, I was completely open to job offers. I above all wanted to capitalise on my knowledge from the field of Electronic Communications Networks. I came across a job offer by Dimension Data. I didn’t know the company at that time, but the offer sounded interesting.

I met my future boss at the interview. A pleasant and laid-back guy who I clicked with. He explained to me what I would be doing and it seemed to me that this was the right path for me.

I currently work in a team where the people really do their utmost to help each other. Everyone tries to help each other and grow professionally. And at the same time, they are really great people who I enjoy going for a beer with.

My aim is to hone my expertise. That is easier to do in a large international company. You meet up with large customers and have the opportunity to learn something new every day. And in addition to this, I can say that I work for the official technology partner of the Tour de France, there is something a bit prestigious about that.